How To Determine If Your Child Needs an Orthodontist

Braces used to be rite of passage for teens, but braces actually can be beneficial for children as young as 6. The team at Wired Orthodontics in Markham, Ontario, recommends that parents start looking at their children’s teeth during the first year. Dentists ask parents to bring children in for an initial visit within six months of the first tooth erupting or by age 1. The first step in determining if your child might need braces is to have regularly … Read more

6 Things That Destroy Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the clear outer layer of the tooth. You can think of enamel as a tough eggshell protecting the soft part of the tooth inside, in fact, enamel is the hardest substance in the body. Dr. Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics, a Toronto orthodontist, stresses that damage to enamel is permanent and can cause a number of teeth issues. Here’s 6 things that destroy tooth enamel: 1. Acids from foods and bacteria eat away at enamel causing erosion, the … Read more

Tips to Minimize Demineralization

The everyday brace wearer in Toronto, ON looks forward to the day their braces are removed and they can see their beautiful, unhindered smile! But for some, white spots surround the area where their braces once were. These white spots are known as demineralization and can happen to anyone, even people do don’t wear braces. Demineralization of the teeth occurs when food is left on the teeth. The food interacts with bacteria on the teeth (otherwise known as plaque) causing acid … Read more

Make Braces Fit into Your Life

When you get braces at Wired Orthodontics there are a few things you’ll have to adjust to get optimal results in the shortest amount of time. If you have any questions about the “do’s and don’ts” of living with braces, feel free to ask Dr. Nalbandian or any member of our Wired Orthodontics team during your next adjustment! When you have braces there are a few types of food that can damage your brackets and bend your wires leading to … Read more

5 Subconscious Habits that Damage Your Teeth

We all have those bad habits that involve the poor use of our teeth. Beware of these 5 habits that could cause a visit to Dr. Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics! Crunching on ice can cause serious damage to your teeth; even your blender needs special blades to crush ice! Remember, teeth are designed to crush through things, not against them. Using your teeth as tools – from ripping open a small package to biting your nails – it’s just not … Read more