5 Subconscious Habits that Damage Your Teeth

We all have those bad habits that involve the poor use of our teeth. Beware of these 5 habits that could cause a visit to Dr. Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics!  Crunching on ice can cause serious damage to your teeth; even your blender needs special blades to crush ice! Remember, teeth are designed to crush through things, not against them. Using your teeth as tools – from ripping open a small package to biting your nails – it’s just not … Read more

How Long Do I Need to Wear Braces in Toronto?

Many people are concerned about the length of orthodontic treatment, and want to learn how to quicken their treatment. It is true that orthodontic treatment is a process. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, treating a mild or severe case, orthodontic care takes some time to get it just right. Every patient’s treatment length will vary, but many patients in Toronto are eager to complete their treatment and begin living life with a beautiful smile. Luckily, Wired Orthodontics says … Read more

The Whiter Teeth Diet

Have you ever tried eating your way to a whiter smile? Dr. Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics in Toronto, Ontario says that you can start whitening your teeth right in the kitchen! Over time, eating crunchy fruits and vegetables can help keep your teeth white. They trigger your mouth to make saliva, which washes away food particles so they can’t stain teeth. For example, strawberries have an enzyme that acts like natural bleach. And broccoli has minerals that form a film on … Read more

Preparing for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

The discouraging connotation surrounding braces, typically implies that they’re solely for kids and teens. This has kept the idea of orthodontic treatment on the outskirts of many adult’s minds in Toronto, ON.. Invisalign®, however, is becoming increasingly popular within the adult demographic. We encourage adult orthodontic treatment not only for the aesthetic reasons, but also for the prevention of oral health issues. Here are a few key points to keep in mind in preparing for orthodontic treatment: • If you … Read more

5 Orthodontic Issues that can be Fixed by Dr. Nalbandian

 Openbites, underbites, overbites and deep overbites– Dr. Mark Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics in Toronto specializes in the correction of all four maloclussions of the bite, and he encourages his patients to start treatment early on because they can be typically be corrected without surgery.  Too many teeth: hyperdontia– Having extra teeth is called hyperdontia. People who have hyperdontia usually also have another condition, such as a cleft palate or Gardner’s Syndrome (which forms tumors that aren’t cancer). Dr. Nalbandian treats hyperdontia … Read more