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Temporomandibular disorders can manifest as chronic facial and neck pain as well as recurrent headaches.  The temporomandibular joints (or jaw-joints) connect your lower jaw to your skull.  These joints are on the receiving end of a lot of work over the course of day, be it via talking, chewing, yawning and swallowing.  Non-productive habits such as grinding or clenching as well as traumatic impacts can over-load these joints and result in pain in and around the area and possibly restricted jaw movement.

Symptoms of TMD include:

  • Pain in and around the jaw
  • Pain, ringing (tinnitus), or stuffiness in the ears
  • Frequent headaches or neck aches
  • Locked jaw or limited opening of the mouth
  • Swelling on the sides of the face
  • Muscle spasms/tenderness  in the jaw area
  • A change in the alignment of top and bottom teeth
  • Clicking or popping sounds upon jaw movement

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, please let us know so that we may provide you with a thorough evaluation and make treatment recommendations that are right for you.

Wired Orthodontics is proud to offer TMJ / TMD Treatment Options to patients in Scarborough, Markham, North York, and the Greater Toronto region. Call us today at (647) 344-9473 to schedule a 30-45 minute initial consultation. Please note that since TMJ consultations take longer and require more diagnosis, we charge $150 for the initial consultation.

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