Invisalign Instructions - Wired Orthodontics

Invisalign Instructions from Wired Orthodontics

Congratulations on choosing Wired Orthodontics and Invisalign to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful, and long-lasting smile! Dr. Nalbandian would like you to use this as your “cheat sheet” during treatment, to refer to throughout treatment.

Invisalign Instructions for Wearing Your Aligners

Below, see some Invisalign instructions about wearing your new aligners:

  1. Generally speaking, you should be wearing your aligners for approximately 20hrs/day.
  2. In order to get to the 20 hours, it is necessary to wear them while sleeping.
  3. Aligners should be removed to eat, drink (except water), and for brushing.
  4. When putting your aligners in, they should fit “like a glove.”
  5. See below for photos of a well-fitting aligner versus a poorly fitting aligner.


A well-fitting aligner vs. a poorly fitting aligner

Invisalign Bite Sticks

When putting in your aligners, use the provided rubber “bite sticks” to help the aligners fit intimately over the teeth.

Invisalign Bite Sticks
Invisalign bite sticks

Below, see our helpful video for how to insert your Invisalign Aligners:

When to Change Aligners

Dr. Nalbandian will let you know how long each pair of aligners needs to be worn.  Typically, Dr. Nalbandian will ask patients to change aligners at 7, 10, or 14-day intervals (depending on many factors including, but not limited to, patient age/stage of treatment).

If an aligner is not fitting “like a glove” at the end of the 7, 10, or 14-day period, you cannot move on to the next aligner regardless if you have reached the end of the prescribed period for that aligner.

The biggest reason for an aligner not fitting intimately to the teeth is not enough hours of wear per day and not using the provided rubber bite sticks.

Remember: It is your duty to make sure the aligners fit. If you have any problems making them fit, we will be happy to set up an appointment for you to help.

Keeping Aligners Clean

Your Invisalign welcome kit comes with cleaning crystals to help keep your aligners fresh. You may use these, however, be sure to always brush your aligners to keep them clean.

Aligner Comfort Tip

Occasionally, the edges of some aligners can feel a little rough. So, we recommend keeping a clean nail file handy as it can come in very useful to help “file down” any rough edges.

Keep in mind, the file should be used only to smooth rough edges and not greatly alter the shape of the aligner.

How To Make Invisalign Comfortable
How to use a clean nail file to help make Invisalign comfortable

Below, please take a look at our video on how to gently file the Aligners.

Should you encounter any problems along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.

We can be reached at (647) 344-9473 or by email by clicking here.

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