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Orthodontic (Jaw) Surgery in Scarborough

Jaw growth is usually completed by age 16 for females and 18 for males. In rare instances, Orthodontic tooth movement alone is not sufficient and needs to be complemented by jaw surgery. While orthodontics repositions teeth, surgical orthodontics (orthognathic surgery) corrects jaw irregularities to improve the patient´s ability to chew, speak, and breathe while also allowing for improved facial appearances. While most people will never have the need for Surgical Orthodontics, if it is required, Dr. Nalbandian will discuss it with you in full detail and provide you with reading material and related information.

In the video below, you will see how a severe Overjet can be corrected with orthognathic surgery:

In this video, you will see how severe Underbite can be corrected with orthognathic surgery:

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