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Experience the Difference of Clear Aligner Treatment

Going through orthodontic treatment can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not fond of the brackets and wires that go with braces. Thankfully, clear aligners are now an option for great results and a comfortable treatment journey. Wired Orthodontics offers the most trusted aligner brand in the city and the world—the Invisalign Scarborough ON solution.

What is Invisalign?

With Invisalign, a set of thin, clear, and removable aligners is custom-made to straighten your teeth in a way that is almost impossible to notice. Aligners are changed every one to two weeks to make sure they work properly and your teeth move the right way. They gently move your teeth into place, so you don’t have to wear expensive and uncomfortable braces and wires.

Invisalign aligners are removable, giving users maximum convenience, flexibility, and comfort while maintaining their smiles. A patient may need anywhere from 12 to 48 aligners throughout Invisalign treatment, depending on severity. Many patients remark that aligners feel almost invisible after a day or two.

SmartTrack Material Behind Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign aligners are now constructed out of a patented multi layer material known as SmartTrack, made from medical-grade polymers and scientifically engineered to be gentle, flexible, and sturdy.

In clinical studies, Invisalign aligners using SmartTrack saw an increase in tooth movement predictability of over 75 percent compared to clear aligners from other manufacturers using only single layer material.


  • Discreet Treatment: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth with confidence, free from the noticeable appearance of traditional braces.
  • Comfortable Wear: Made from smooth, lightweight plastic, Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear, with no sharp edges or wires that can cause irritation to your cheeks and gums.
  • Removable Aligners: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable, giving you the flexibility to eat, drink, brush, and floss without any restrictions.
  • Improved Oral Hygiene: With removable aligners, maintaining good oral hygiene is easy. Simply remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would, minimizing the risk of plaque buildup and tooth decay.
  • Convenience: Invisalign treatment requires fewer office visits compared to traditional braces. Simply follow the prescribed treatment plan and check in with your orthodontist periodically to monitor your progress.
  • Predictable Results: Invisalign utilizes advanced 3D imaging technology to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique dental needs, ensuring predictable and precise results.
  • Shorter Treatment Time: In many cases, Invisalign treatment can achieve desired results in a shorter time frame compared to traditional braces, allowing you to enjoy your new smile sooner.
  • Comfortable Speech: Unlike traditional braces, which can sometimes affect speech patterns, Invisalign aligners fit snugly over your teeth, allowing for comfortable and natural speech throughout your treatment.


For Kids

Early orthodontic treatment can address common issues such as overcrowding, smile gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites, setting the stage for optimal dental health and development. Invisalign for kids allows us to intervene at the right time, guiding your child’s teeth into their proper positions and creating room for permanent teeth to emerge naturally.


  • Invisalign eliminates the self-consciousness in young patients often associated with traditional braces.
  • Since aligners are comfortable to wear, parents can have peace of mind knowing that no sharp edges or wires can cause discomfort or irritation to kids’ sensitive mouths.
  • Emergency appointments are rare since there are going to be no broken wires or brackets.
  • Kids can maintain good oral hygiene habits by easily brushing and flossing their teeth as they normally would.


  • Eruption Tabs: Invisalign aligners feature eruption tabs, strategically placed to guide erupting teeth into their proper positions. These tabs ensure that your child’s new teeth have the space they need to emerge naturally, promoting healthy dental development.
  • Blue Dot Monitoring: Invisalign aligners have a blue dot indicator to show your child is wearing them as intended. This monitoring system promotes accountability and optimal treatment outcomes.

For Teens

At Wired Orthodontics, we understand the importance of confidence during adolescence. Invisalign Teen offers all the benefits of traditional braces with none of the drawbacks, allowing teens to straighten their teeth discreetly and confidently.


  • Eat favorite foods without restrictions
  • Maintain regular brushing and flossing habits
  • Engage in sports and musical activities without discomfort or broken brackets
  • Attend social events with confidence
  • Experience fewer emergency appointments

For Adults

Are you in adulthood and are concerned about the following issues?

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Teeth that have shifted after previous orthodontic treatment
  • General misalignment or irregularities

With the right provider and proper compliance, Invisalign can effectively address a wide range of orthodontic issues in adults, helping them achieve a straighter, healthier smile. Whether you’re looking to make minor adjustments or undergo a complete smile transformation, Invisalign offers the following benefits for adults:

  • Professional Appearance: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, making them ideal for adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly, especially in professional settings.
  • Enhanced Confidence: As adults, confidence in our appearance can significantly impact various aspects of our lives, from career opportunities to personal relationships. Invisalign helps boost confidence by providing a subtle yet effective way to improve your smile.
  • Minimal Disruption: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners require fewer office visits for adjustments, providing busy adults with a more convenient orthodontic treatment option that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle.

Average Cost of Invisalign in Scarborough

Affordability of Invisalign

Despite the significant advancements in dental treatments, the cost of traditional methods for straightening smiles can often deter individuals from seeking necessary care. According to a recent report from the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, Canadians spend approximately $12 billion annually on dental visits. However, over six million individuals forego specific treatments due to financial constraints.

According to the Invisalign company: 

  • Invisalign treatment typically ranges between $3,800 and $8,900, with potential insurance assistance of up to $3,800 available for qualifying individuals.
  • The national average cost for Invisalign falls within the range of $3,800 to $6,400.

To give you an idea, traditional metal bracket braces generally range from $2,600 to $7,600 in cost.

Financial Coverage & Flexible Payment Options

  • Dental Plans: Most private dental plans may cover Invisalign up to 50%, similar to traditional braces.
  • HSA & FSA: Additionally, individuals can utilize funds from their employer’s health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) to offset expenses, with contributions of up to $6,750 and $2,600 annually, respectively.
  • Monthly Installment Plans: Wired Orthodontics offers flexibility in structuring these payments, ensuring accessibility for all patients.
  • LendingPoint Virtual Card: As an official partner of Invisalign, LendingPoint Patient Services provides a convenient online platform for fixed-rate installment loans, with some approvals reaching up to $10,000. The application process is straightforward, with rapid approval times, even for applicants with no prior history with LendingPoint. For more details, visit My Invisalign.

Why Choose Invisalign at Wired Orthodontics

Orthodontic Specialist Care

At Wired Orthodontics, we take pride in providing specialized care led by Dr. Mark Nalbandian, one of the Top 1% Invisalign orthodontists in Scarborough. With a focus on creating beautiful, healthy smiles for both kids and adults, we offer a clean and comfortable environment in the Toronto region.

Our Invisalign Guarantee

There’s more to orthodontic treatment than just straightening your teeth. But when treatments aren’t properly supervised, the result can cause more harm than good. That’s why we offer an Invisalign Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results of your Invisalign treatment with us, we’ll happily transition you to braces at no extra charge. Our goal isn’t just to straighten your teeth, but to see them as healthy and perfect as they can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invisalign suitable for my case?
Invisalign can address a wide range of orthodontic issues. To determine if it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Nalbandian. He’ll assess your needs and develop a customized treatment plan.

How do I start my Invisalign treatment?
Starting your Invisalign journey is simple! Begin by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nalbandian. During this visit, he’ll evaluate your smile, discuss your goals, and explain the treatment process.

What is the duration of Invisalign treatment?
The length of Invisalign treatment varies depending on individual needs. On average, treatment can last anywhere from six to eighteen months. Dr. Nalbandian will provide a personalized timeline during your consultation.

Does Invisalign really work?
Yes, clear aligner therapy, such as Invisalign, is highly effective for straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. With proper compliance and supervision from Dr. Nalbandian, you can achieve the desired results.

What does wearing Invisalign feel like?
Invisalign aligners are designed to be comfortable to wear. Initially, you may experience some pressure or discomfort as your teeth adjust. However, most patients adapt quickly, and the aligners become virtually unnoticeable.

Do I need to take impressions for Invisalign?
No, traditional impressions are not necessary for Invisalign treatment at Wired Orthodontics. We utilize advanced 3D scanning technology to create precise digital models of your teeth, ensuring accurate treatment planning and a comfortable fit for your aligners.

How should I clean my Invisalign aligners?
Keeping your Invisalign aligners clean is essential for maintaining oral hygiene and prolonging their lifespan. Rinse your aligners with lukewarm water before and after wearing them. Brush them gently with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to remove any debris. Avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the aligners.


Over 10 million satisfied wearers have gained their smiles and confidence back thanks to Invisalign. You might be one of them! Schedule your initial appointment for Invisalign Scarborough ON treatment today.

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