Is Invisalign Right For Me? Find Out More About Aligners Here
Is Invisalign Right For Me

Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Is Invisalign right for me? The discreet aligners can treat a wide variety of smiles for people of all ages. But, how do you know if you’re a candidate?

Fortunately, finding out is easier than ever, and like Invisalign, it’s convenient. Just send an email to us at or contact us here to arrange a free consultation.

Dr. Mark Nalbandian is a certified Diamond Plus Invisalign provider among the top providers in Toronto and the world. So, you can be assured of the best custom treatment plan, experience, and results.

Invisalign Can Treat All Kinds of Smiles

Today, Invisalign can treat all kinds of smiles, from minor to advanced corrections. To date, over nine million people have benefitted worldwide.

Treatable cases include:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gap Teeth 
  • Open Bite
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Generally Straighter Teeth

When you look at the results, you’ll see that Invisalign can transform smiles. Even smiles with considerable gaps and misalignments can look perfect. Even better, by aligning the teeth and jaws, you can enjoy significant health benefits. 

At Wired Orthodontics, we take pride in creating the best results for our patients. Often, people are smiling more than ever with a boost of self-confidence. Thus, as Invisalign transforms smiles, it can also transform lives.

Invisalign is Affordable

Getting started with Invisalign is an investment in better health and beautiful smiles for a lifetime. So, it’s well worth it and affordable with flexible payment plans from Wired Orthodontics.

Therefore, if you’re wondering “Is Invisalign right for me?” there’s no reason not to reach out and learn more. Your first consultation at Wired Orthodontics is free. If you are a candidate for aligners, you can get started and stay within budget. Before any treatment, we’ll discuss all the options, so you always know what to expect.

Invisalign Guarantee at Wired Orthodontics

These days, there a lot of providers offering aligners, but it pays to choose wisely. When it comes to your smile, you deserve the best care from the most qualified orthodontist. 

For orthodontic treatment, choose an orthodontist, not a dental professional, or a dangerous at-home kit. Toronto native Dr. Nalbandian has years of education, training, and experience beyond dental school. So, he’s qualified to provide custom Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments. 

Furthermore, Wired Orthodontics backs up our Invisalign treatment with a guarantee. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results of your Invisalign treatment with us. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we routinely get excellent reviews and testimonials.

However, if for any reason you aren’t happy with the results of your Invisalign treatment, we’ll switch you over to braces free of charge. Thus, we ensure that you not only have straight teeth but a properly functioning bite. 

Invisalign is Convenient and Discreet

Today, it’s a great time to begin orthodontic treatment. As more people are staying at home, you can work on your smile so you’ll be ready to show the results as we return to large gatherings. 

Today, more adults are working on their smiles, and many choose Invisalign because it’s so discreet and convenient. Most people won’t know you’re working on your smile, and the aligners come out when you eat or brush your teeth. Thus, you can enjoy more of your favorite foods throughout treatment.

Although it varies by individual, Invisalign and braces are comparable in cost and can deliver incredible results faster than in the past. 

If you’re wondering what Invisalign could do for your smile, wait no longer! Try the Invisalign SmileView app and get a simulation of the results you can expect.

We hope this has helped answer the question, “Is Invisalign right for me?”

Have any questions? Call us anytime at (647) 344-9473. Or, get started with a free in-person consultation here.

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