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Foods to Avoid With Braces Toronto ON

Foods to Avoid with Invisalign & Braces

Foods To Avoid With Invisalign And Braces

This time, we’ll look at foods to avoid with Invisalign & braces. Don’t worry; you’ll be eating all your favorites again when treatment is complete. Today, you can get results faster and more comfortably than before. In the end, it’s worth the temporary inconvenience of watching what you eat to get a perfect smile for life! If you wear braces, then the list of foods to avoid is longer. Why? Braces don’t come off like Invisalign. So, you can’t pop them out while… Read more

Foods to Avoid With Braces

Braces Markham On

There are so many choices of food, but if you have braces you may be wondering what foods you can eat with braces and what foods to avoid with braces. No hard foods? No sticky foods? What foods can you eat? With a little guidance from Dr. Mark Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics in Markham, ON, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods like these crock pot mashed potatoes! The Perfect Meal After Getting Your Braces Tightened Foods to Avoid With Braces Sticky/hard candy Popcorn Pretzels Seeds Nuts Tough-to-chew… Read more

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