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Mini Diamond® Twin Metal Braces in Toronto

Metal Braces TorontoThe Mini Diamond was developed in response to a patient need for a more aesthetic bracket. The Mini Diamond reflects years of research and development. The goal was to improve aesthetics by miniaturizing the bracket with no compromise in function.

Mini Diamonds offer the same benefits in regard to accurate bracket placement as their traditional counterparts plus:

  • Improved aesthetics and hygiene with a 30% reduction in overall bracket size.
  • Improved patient comfort with enhanced facial contours.
  • Confidence in performance. The Mini Diamond is made from a stronger grade of stainless steel than traditional brackets. The result is smaller brackets that don’t compromise strength.

What to Expect While Wearing Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of braces, and today, metal braces are more comfortable than ever before. During treatment, you may experience irritation in your gums. This is normal, and there are plenty of tips and tricks to help lessen the discomfort. You can apply wax to your brackets, which we will supply for you. You can also try a saltwater rinse. We have compiled some helpful information for how to handle an orthodontic emergency, as well as some common ways for dealing with discomfort. But remember, we are always here for you if you need us, so feel free to call our office if you have any questions during your treatment.

Metal braces are strong, but you still do have to take care of your braces! While wearing braces you should avoid hard & crunchy food, as well as chewy & sticky foods. Remember that braces are a big investment, and in order to make sure you get the best results you should avoid sticky, chewy, crunch and hard foods. Read more on foods to avoid with braces.

While wearing your braces, brushing and flossing may become a bit more difficult, but it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene. Food can get stuck between your braces and teeth, so be sure to brush and floss after meals. For more information on caring for your braces, please visit our oral hygiene with braces page!

Wired Orthodontics offers metal braces to patients in Scarborough, Markham, North York, and the Greater Toronto region. Call us today at (647) 344-9473 to schedule your complimentary initial exam.

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