Tips For How To Care For Your Braces During Coronavirus
How To Care For Your Braces During Coronaviru

How to Care for Your Braces During Coronavirus

Here are some tips for how to care for your braces during coronavirus. Caring for your braces is always essential, but now it’s more important than ever. Although we’re able to see patients for emergencies, elective non-urgent visits will resume at a later time.

For more on how we’re following the guidance from the Royal College of Dentists Of Canada, please see our recent blog post here.

Do You Have An Emergency?

First, we’re here for you for dental emergencies. If you experience pain, have protruding wires, or broken brackets, you may always call us at (647) 346-9473. 

Remember that most orthodontic emergencies, though a little upsetting, are actually fairly simple to treat and can often be handled by the patient or their loved ones. 

For help determining if you have an emergency, please visit our detailed information here. We’ve provided some short videos to help in cases such as protruding or loose wires or brackets. 

Tips for Caring for Your Braces During Coronavirus

Here are some easy tips, followed by more details.

  1. Brush and floss your teeth after every meal.
  2. Rinse with mouthwash after brushing.
  3. Avoid sticky, chewy, and hard foods. 
  4. Minimize sugary drinks and foods.
  5. Continue to wear elastics.
  6. Use topical anesthetic (such as Orabase or Ora-Gel) or orthodontic wax for mouth sores.
  7. Rinsing with salt water may also help with sores.
  8. Use orthodontic wax for points of irritation.
  9. Call us right away if you have any emergency.


For more detailed information about which foods to avoid, please see our resource here.

To help you maintain the best oral hygiene, Wired Orthodontics has provided videos and tips here.  

Brushing and flossing with braces is a little more challenging, but essential to avoid bad breath, demineralization, cavities, and/or the onset of gum disease. Today, we ask that you please pay special attention to your daily cleaning routines.

During this time, it’s also important to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. Keeping your hands clean is a simple but effective way to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

If you are running low on elastics, please let us know as it’s important to continue wearing them as much as possible.

Also, please take extra careful care cleaning and protecting your retainers and aligners like Invisalign. For questions, please contact us. We may have to adjust the length of time you wear the aligners.

We hope this answers your questions on how to care for your braces during coronavirus. By following these tips, you can avoid problems and keep your treatment on track. We’re looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.

We’re Here for You

Dr. Mark and the Wired Orthodontics Team are here for you as we face these difficult times together. As always, we’ll continue to provide the best orthodontic care to our patients from Scarborough, North York, Markham, and the surrounding Toronto area! 

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