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Smile Perfectly For Pictures

How To Smile Perfectly For Pictures

Pictures are an amazing way to look back at happy memories throughout our lives. The last thing you want is to look back down memory lane and realize that you weren’t smiling in any of them. Learning how to smile perfectly for pictures will make those memories so much better.

It can be hard to smile for pictures sometimes. Maybe you are suffering from depression and just don’t feel like smiling or maybe you just feel self-conscious. If you don’t smile a lot, you may need a little help. And Wired Orthodontics is here to assist you.

Why is it so hard to smile in pictures?

Smile Perfectly For Pictures

The easy answer is that smiling in moments of true joy or happiness is natural while smiling in pictures forces you to construct a smile without stimulation.

A natural smile involves the use of muscles around the mouth and eyes, hence the phrase: ‘Smile with your eyes.’ Smiling with the eyes and mouth looks better because it’s natural. It’s a response from the body in reaction to a joke we really found hilarious or something funny that a friend or family member did. Or you are engaging in an activity that you really enjoy. Your smile and joy are genuine, and others around you will recognize it.

But when it comes to picture time, your brain is forced to create a smile without an external stimulus, and not all the muscles in your face will work the same way. In short, the result is an unnatural or fake smile. To read more about why smiling in pictures is so hard, visit here.

The good news is that you can improve your smile for pictures because there are tips and tricks people use every day to smile perfectly for the camera even when they don’t necessarily feel like smiling.

How do I smile more photogenic?

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Making your smile more photogenic requires making your face photogenic, and there are several ways to achieve it.

  • Find your best angle

Instead of looking straight into the camera lens, try angling your face to find your best side. If you feel good about one angle more than another, use it for your pictures.

  • Smile with your eyes

Models and actors do it all the time, which is why it seems so natural. We already smile with our eyes when we smile naturally. Learning how to smile with your eyes, therefore, will help you fake a natural smile. Try closing your eyes to relax them and then open them prior to smiling.

  • Natural lighting

Natural light is superior to artificial light. Try standing in front of a window or going outside. Spending time in a natural environment can help you relax and make you feel happier.

  • Use paper

It’s going to sound weird but placing a piece of paper under your chin to reflect light and reduce shadowing will create a more photogenic look.

  • Point the camera down

They say the camera adds weight, but angling the camera down can make you look slimmer.

  • Don’t say “cheese”

Saying “cheese” before a picture creates an unnatural smile while saying “money” instead makes the lips move more naturally into a smile.

  • Be goofy

Sometimes the best way to generate a natural smile is to act goofy or silly.

  • Ask the photographer to make you laugh

If you still have a hard time smiling naturally for a photo, try asking whoever is taking the photo to try making you laugh.

How can I smile more attractively?

Now that your face is more photogenic, it’s time to work on perfecting that smile.

  • Exercise your smile

Smiling requires the use of facial muscles, which need exercise like other muscles throughout your body. Start by stretching your mouth corner to corner and holding for ten seconds. Part your lips a little to expose your teeth and hold for ten seconds. Then continue to expose your teeth more until all your teeth are visible, holding each time for ten seconds. This will help tighten those muscles for a better smile.

  • Practice

Practice makes perfect, and smiling is no different. Smile in front of a mirror or take practice photos.

  • Smile more frequently

Use or lose it. Smile more so those facial muscles get exercise and practice at the same time. You’ll also feel more positive so smiling will become more natural.

  • Oral hygiene

Having a perfect smile also means keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

How can I naturally smile more?

There are other ways in addition to practicing that can help you smile more and smile perfectly for pictures.

  • Motivation

Staying motivated can be difficult, but think about how different you will seem to others if you smile while talking to them, whether in person or on the phone. It can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself and how others feel after talking to you. You may even make others smile, too.

  • Cues

Give yourself a cue to smile such as after hearing a certain sound or performing some random activities like opening a door.

  • Stay positive

Try to stay positive so smiling will come more naturally. It’s harder to fake a smile when you feel negative. Think about happy moments or things that make you laugh.

  • Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath when you smile to relax and reduce stress.

  • Reminders

Remind yourself to smile by leaving yourself little notes here and there.

  • Laugh

It’s impossible to laugh without smiling so laughing more means more smiles.

How can I change my smile shape?

You don’t have to have just one smile either because you can change the shape of your smile. Smile as wide as you can with your mouth closed. Wiggle your nose until you feel your cheek muscles engage. Hold that pose for a few seconds and repeat.

How can I smile perfectly for pictures like celebrities?

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Celebrities always seem to smile a lot and it always seems natural. Well, that’s because they have a mastery of their facial muscles to smile perfectly for pictures. There are also other tricks they utilize.

  • Celebrities are able to act naturally, which relaxes their facial muscles so they can smile on command without forcing it.
  • For women, selecting the perfect lipstick can enhance their smile.
  • Maintaining a correct posture will give you more confidence and create a normal-looking smile.
  • Some celebrities have undergone cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening to improve their smiles.
  • Again, practice makes perfect.

Can braces or Invisalign® help me smile perfectly for pictures?

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Something else that celebrities, in addition to millions of other people around the world have done to smile more is to fix their crooked teeth by wearing braces or Invisalign®.

Braces and Invisalign® work by gradually shifting teeth into proper alignment over a period of time, usually 12 to 18 months.

While braces feature brackets that are bonded to the front or back of the teeth using an adhesive with wires and elastics that serve as anchors, Invisalign® is a series of clear removable aligner trays you wear for 22 hours a day and switch to a new set every two weeks.

In a matter of weeks, you could see a change in your smile that will help you smile perfectly for pictures very soon.

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