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What Causes Crooked Teeth In Adults?

Crooked teeth in adults are a common problem that has several causes. Perhaps you have had crooked teeth ever since your permanent teeth grew in and just never got around to fixing them. But maybe you have been noticing that your teeth have been shifting a little more over time, resulting in crooked teeth that you never thought you would have because your smile was straighter when you were younger.

Regardless of how long you have had your crooked teeth or how severe the crookedness might be, something caused it and you want to know what and how to fix them. Wired Orthodontics is here to help you.

What causes crooked teeth in adults?


You may believe that your teeth stay exactly where they are throughout life, but our teeth actually shift gradually in our mouths over a period of time for a number of different reasons. Some you may even be aware of but did not know could shift teeth. Others seem so innocent that you wouldn’t even consider them as the culprit that is causing your crooked teeth.

The more we understand the causes of crooked teeth in adults, the more we can prevent it, both in ourselves and our children. Because as it just so happens, the source of crooked teeth in adults could be related to habits in childhood.

  • Genetics

It’s true. Genetics can play a role in whether you have crooked teeth or not. It turns out that crooked teeth are a trait that you can inherit from your parents. It’s not their fault, and it’s not your fault either. Genetics can determine everything from jaw and tooth size and condition to overcrowding, overbite, and underbite, just to name a few.

But recognizing that crooked teeth in adults can be passed down from generation to generation can prepare the dentist to care for your own child’s teeth when the time comes.

  • Jaw misalignment

One cause of overbite and underbite could be jaw misalignment, which is often a genetic trait but can also result from repeated pressure on the jaw or even trauma and injury.

  • Thumb sucking

A habit that develops during childhood, thumb sucking seems like an innocent behavior but it can actually shift your teeth by putting pressure on the gums and any teeth below the surface. Teeth will often erupt in an outward position instead of straight. Catching and preventing thumb sucking early on is best.

  • Gum Disease

Untreated gum disease can cause teeth to loosen, shift, and even fall out. This creates space that your other teeth will eventually shift into to fill the gap, resulting in a crooked smile. The good news is that gum disease is preventable by practicing proper oral health care every day.

  • Early loss of baby teeth

Again, having a space between your teeth for too long can result in other teeth shifting to fill the gap. This also happens when we lose baby teeth too early, which can cause adult teeth under the gum to erupt in a crooked position. Regular appointments with the dentist can help them watch these adult teeth carefully and keep them straight.

  • Tongue thrusting

If you constantly press your tongue against your teeth as a habit, even that is enough to shift teeth over a period of time.

  • Trauma or injury

Any kind of impact to the jaw or teeth can suddenly shift either into a crooked position. Wearing a mouth guard during sports activities can prevent impact during play. But no matter how you suffer a trauma or injury, seek emergency dental care right away.

  • Malnutrition

Not receiving proper nutrition can result in developing crooked teeth, so make sure you give your body what it needs and your children’s bodies what they need to grow and develop as normally as possible.

  • Mouth breathing

The constant flow of air in and out of the mouth can affect tooth alignment in children.

Problems Crooked Teeth In Adults Can Cause

While many cases of crooked teeth in adults are minor, there are consequences that you may experience if you don’t get the problem treated.

  • Gum disease

Gum disease can cause crooked teeth, but it can also be a consequence of crooked teeth because it’s more difficult to take care of your teeth properly. This results in bacteria and plaque buildup that can cause bleeding and swelling. Seek treatment right away if you notice these symptoms.

  • Low self-esteem

Having crooked teeth could prevent you from smiling confidently because you are self-conscious about your teeth.

  • Difficulty speaking and chewing

Crooked teeth can make it harder to speak and chew normally. You may not even notice this if you’ve always spoken or chewed a certain way your whole life. Once your teeth are straighter, however, you will likely notice a difference.

  • Jaw pain and tooth damage

Any misalignment can result in more general wear and tear to your teeth and jaw, especially as your crooked teeth impact or rub up against each other every time you bite.

Treatment Options To Fix Crooked Teeth In Adults

Invisalign For Adults

If you decide to fix your crooked teeth, there are several options available.  You could choose to wear traditional metal braces, which costs between $3,500 and $8,000 and will take up to 18 months to complete treatment. Wearing a retainer is also a choice. Minor crookedness issues can be fixed via dental crowns and implants.

But the most popular way to straighten your teeth as an adult is by using Invisalign®, a series of clear removable aligner trays that you wear for 22 hours a day and won’t interfere with your lifestyle. Invisalign® for adults is the same price as braces for the same length of treatment, but without dietary restrictions and potential self-consciousness.

There are fewer follow-up appointments with Invisalign®. The aligners are also easier to clean and you can start seeing results in weeks. All you need to do is schedule a complimentary consultation with your orthodontist to see if you are a good candidate.

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