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Why You Should Avoid Direct To Consumer Orthodontics

There are some things better left to experts. When considering orthodontic treatment, Wired Orthodontics hopes to advise you that your health should be your main focus when seeking orthodontic treatment. We understand that you want the most aesthetically pleasing results from your orthodontic care. Health and safety go hand in hand when considering improving your appearance with different orthodontic solutions. There are many reasons why you should avoid direct to consumer orthodontics. It takes years to master orthodontic practice, and qualified orthodontists are the main individuals you ought to put your trust in with regards to your oral wellbeing. Remain safe and become familiar with the perils of direct to consumer orthodontics.

Choosing a Better Option

It is the opinion of the American Association of Orthodontists that you should abstain from considering mail order aligners, DIY orthodontic treatment or any other conceivably harmful at home orthodontics. Numerous online orthodontic providers are pointing their products toward you. Mail order orthodontic companies make promises that treatment will be simple and effective. What they don’t let you know is that these techniques administered may actually put you in harm’s way. Programs that operate via photographs or images of your teeth is simply not a great way to do business. Orthodontists should get to know their patient’s individual situations before proceeding to make adjustments to their mouths. To avoid improper treatment it is a great idea to see a qualified practitioner.

As a leading Toronto orthodontist, Dr. Nalbandian is devoted to giving first-rate orthodontic care including braces, clear braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen to anybody located throughout Scarborough ON, North York ON, and the encompassing regions of Ontario, Canada. We strive to guarantee that our treatment expenses are never too costly to handle. As well as giving all patients the same access to great orthodontic care. We hope to give you the best chance at a happy and healthy mouth that makes you smile!

Avoid Issues Down the Road

Consider that poor orthodontic treatment can result in more issues down the road. By accessing an orthodontist in person you can accomplish the most ideal outcome for yourself. Mail request aligners, DIY and at home orthodontics pose dangers to you. It is definitely best to avoid direct to consumer orthodontics. By taking a chance on these orthodontic programs, you are also taking a risk with your health. If teeth aren’t straightened properly the first time, you will end up spending more money, and more time in a orthodontists chair. By coming to Wired Orthodontics you can rest assured that you are in great hands. We genuinely want to help our patients, and they are always very pleased with their results. We know you will be too!

Consider Quality Orthodontic Care

Even though you may think you are working toward your goal through these mail order treatments, you may actually be moving farther away from it. Dr. Nalbandian and his team at Wired Orthodontics are experts in orthodontic treatment. We are happy to answer any questions regarding braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen in Toronto ON, Scarborough ON, North York ON, or Markham ON. If you would like to schedule a complimentary visit with Dr. Nalbandian, please contact Wired Orthodontics at (647) 344-9473.

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