Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club


Are you having trouble deciding between Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club? At Wired Orthodontics, we are dedicated to educating our patients about the latest treatments and offering affordable costs that accommodate any budget. Where Can I Find Out About Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club Near Me? Our team at Wired Orthodontics specializes in Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Scarborough ON. As a leading Scarborough orthodontist, Dr. Nalbandian is knowledgeable and experienced in all forms of orthodontic… Read more

Why Get Braces?

Braces Cost Ontario

Dr. Mark Nalbandian is a certified top orthodontist throughout the Toronto, North York, Scarborough, and Markham areas of Ontario. At Wired Orthodontics, we are dedicated to providing high quality orthodontic treatment such s braces and Invisalign at an affordable price for our patients. The Benefit of Braces Braces can offer many life long benefits aside from providing the cosmetic appeal of straight teeth. These amazing results from the proper orthodontic care have the ability to: Improve self-esteem… Read more

Foods to Avoid With Braces

braces markham on

There are so many choices of food, but if you have braces you may be wondering what foods you can eat with braces and what foods to avoid with braces. No hard foods? No sticky foods? What foods can you eat? With a little guidance from Dr. Mark Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics in Markham, ON, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods like these crock pot mashed potatoes! The Perfect Meal After Getting Your Braces Tightened … Read more

Are My Braces Working?

braces toronto

Dr. Mark Nalbandian and the staff here at Wired Orthodontics provide patients with the best orthodontic care with braces in Toronto. We at Wired Orthodontics also work hard to ensure that every patient is provided with the appropriate, affordable, and gentle care that they need and expect. If you ever find that you’re experiencing a difference in the function of your braces, such as a loose brace or bracket, let us know! Helping our patients achieve the best end results is priority to our team… Read more

How Can I Afford Orthodontic Treatment?

orthodontic treatment toronto

Here at Wired Orthodontics near Toronto, our certified orthodontist Dr. Mark Nalbandian is always looking for new and successful ways to help our patients receive the treatment that they need without breaking the bank. Today’s orthodontic systems certainly aren’t cheap, but we are passionate about helping our patients afford them. If you’re thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment, look no further than Wired Orthodontics. 3 Ways to Cover the Cost for Orthodontic Treatment Payment Plans Here… Read more

Braces for Adults in Scarborough, ON

Braces for Adults Scarborough, ON

The discouraging connotation surrounding braces that implies that they’re solely for kids and teens has kept the idea of braces for adults in Scarborough, ON on the outskirts of many adults’ minds. Invisalign and clear braces, however, are becoming increasingly popular within the adult demographic, and at Wired Orthodontics we encourage orthodontic treatment for all ages. What Kinds of Braces for Adults Are There? At Wired Orthodontics, we understand that every case is different. That’s… Read more

Invisalign Teen: The Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign Teen Scarborough, ON

Dr. Nalbandian and the team at Wired Orthodontics offer their patients in Scarborough, ON Invisalign Teen, a clear and removable orthodontic treatment meant just for their teenage patients. Invisalign Teen aligner trays are made of a clear thermoplastic material that are custom made to fit over the teeth. They gently exert pressure on misaligned teeth to bring them into a more natural, functional, and attractive position. Invisalign Teen is the clear alternative to traditional braces. Clear. No wires,… Read more

Tips for Maximizing Treatment with Braces

Braces North York, ON

It seems you’ve covered all your bases; You did your research, made an appointment at Wired Orthodontics, and even began your treatment! But there is still one thing left to do. It is time to learn how to properly care for your braces. Many times, this step is overlooked. However, it is one of the most important skills to have, as your treatment will be far more hygienic, effective, and enjoyable if you are taking the time to care for your braces the right way. Here are a few tips on how to best… Read more

Is Invisalign Teen Expensive?

Invisalign Teen North York, ON

Dr. Mark Nalbandian and the professionals at Wired Orthodontics in North York, ON know that Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners are a discreet and comfortable way to achieve straight teeth and a healthy mouth. And while expense and value are often measured in dollars and cents, there may be other costs associated with orthodontic treatment, especially for teens. Cost of Invisalign Teen Braces, adult Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen are all comparable in price. However, making an investment… Read more

Here’s Why Adults in Toronto are Getting Invisalign!

For adults, orthodontic treatment with traditional braces may not be a treatment option. Braces are obvious, can be uncomfortable, and require conscientious care. Dr. Mark Nalbandian of Wired Orthodontics in South Toronto, ON knows that nearly twenty percent of people wearing braces today are adults, and not all of them are obvious braces wearers. For these patients, Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces. Invisalign offers these patients: Comfort Treatment with Invisalign in South Toronto,… Read more

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